Thursday, June 24, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

I love Food Carts BUT...

When I think about the wholesale slaughter of vintage Trailers, to be reborn as food carts, it kinda kills me inside...

I can't imagine any of these dragged all over downtown schlepping tacos and tuna melts to and fro. The exception to that is Rockabillies at 43rd and Belmont in Portland OR, Ask for Rudy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Log Pile!

More Saab Tottally live in that...

Pretty cool links for a lil'Saab living.

Again...left one or right one I don't care, I could TOTALLY live in one these.

Saabs for, what the internet calls, THE WIN!! I have never coveted anything so much. This is what Mad Max would vacation in.

Another link featuring The Thing that came from SAAB. None of which look as good as the dirty Motor home above.

Either of these two vans. TOTALLY could live in these...

Full disclosure: I own the one on the left, the Econoline. It's a 67 WITH a bed in the back. My love affair of having a vehicle I could TOTALLY live in was started young and by my dad's VW Vans. Most recently a 78(79?) Westie like the one above on the right. To me this is like having a Photo of me and my father standing side by side.

Happy Fathers Day Dad | I love you with everything I got.